How It Works

Choose your site location and topics of interest (stressor-receptor interactions).
View selected content based on site location and topics of interest.
Develop and share reports.

Who uses the Marine Energy Environmental Toolkit?


  • Understand the state of the industry and where projects have been attempted or are permitted
  • Access and review previously permitted project documents to inform your own project development
  • Generate custom reports with compiled spatial, regulatory, and academic information to facilitate consultations with regulators and the development of permit documents
  • Understand regulations by answering simple questions in a decision tree to identify and access relevant regulatory information and resources


  • View the latest academic publications on environmental interactions
  • Generate reports to share spatial, academic, and regulatory information based on topics (stressors and receptors) and location of interest to inform decision making
  • Review previously permitted project documents to understand current precedent and how environmental interactions and risks have been considered and mitigated